2020 Kids Kamp will look different but here are some ways that you can get involved:


  • Connect over group Zoom calls. These might include retelling the Activity Packet stories, fun games, songs, and more.

  • Connect with a family over the summer. This can be as little or as much as you want! Checking in through text, calls, letters, doing things over Zoom, in-person visits, or other creative ways you can connect.

If you want to be a part of Kids Kamp 2020, please let fill out a volunteer application.


​To be a volunteer, we require that you be at least 18 years old or have graduated from high school.


​If you are eligible to volunteer fill out the Volunteer Application and let us know what part you would like to play.


You will need to complete a background check. If you have a current fingerprint card, or if you have done a background check within the past 3 years, then please e-mail a copy to Denton. Anyone who has had a background check with us within the past 3 years will be asked to sign a Volunteer Renewal Application stating that they have not committed any crimes since their check was last run.


We want all volunteers to be well informed about refugees and important cultural considerations. What makes someone a refugee? How do they get to the U.S.? What services can refugees receive here? 


You will get the answers to these questions and many more through the Online Refugee 101. All volunteers are required to complete the Refugee 101.